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With this document, called the "Code of Conduct" (hereinafter also the "Code"), the Company intends to clearly establish the rules of conduct and the values which inspire it in conducting its activities.


The Code, approved by the Company on 06/01/2023], is an official document that all those who relate to the Company must comply with, as it reflects the commitment to pursuing and maintaining a culture aimed at integrity, legality and fairness.


All Recipients, without distinctions or exceptions, align their actions and behavior with the contents of this Code of Conduct, in the awareness that compliance with the Code is an essential part of the quality of the services performed on behalf of the Company. Therefore, in no way will the conviction of acting in the interest or to the advantage of the Company justify the adoption of behaviors in contrast with the values and rules imposed by this Code of Conduct.

The Company undertakes to disseminate the Code so that the values and rules of conduct contained therein are brought to the attention of all Recipients, as well as to guarantee adequate training on its contents for company personnel.

Any changes to this Code of Conduct will be promptly brought to the attention of all Recipients.







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