Via Amatore Antonio Sciesa 22  

20135 Milano Italy

tel.   02 66801330


P.I. 10082520965

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Our life is made up of fibers, threads, fabrics, perfumes and essences.

We immerse ourselves completely in each project to create textile products that are both original and useful to our customers who come to us looking for something special: design exclusive and unique that can integrate perfectly with their work and their creations.

STARTEX SRL is born from the fusion of the experiences of two historical realities of the textile world present at the forefront for over 40 years, in the fashion sector for lace, embroidery, tulle , jacquard, yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. We specialize in fine fabrics for women's wedding, cocktail and luxury clothing, without forgetting the men's ceremony. We serve, with a wide sales network all over the world, all our customers who are the largest national and international brands in the luxury sector.

STARTEX SRL is composed of a team of experienced and dynamic professionals who work in order to guarantee services and standards to all customers and to satisfy their needs, thanks to the continuous selection of suppliers and raw materials with particular attention to the regulations in force on the market,fundamental for the protection and respect of both the environment and working conditions.

The STARTEX collections, designed by our style department, are constantly evolving thanks to the careful and continuous research and analysis of new trends and materials, and are able to satisfy the multiple requests of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele. , both as regards the quality / price ratio and the quality standards, without neglecting the attention to detail, especially for the enhancement of the product itself with particular and avant-garde techniques that give uniqueness to the product and at the same they reveal themselves as service that completes the already extensive proposal that STARTEX is able to offer to its Customers.

STARTEX's primary objective is to establish a relationship of trust and close collaboration with its customers, studying, developing and customizing special items and designs, thanks also to our widespread sales network that completes and guarantees full support and collaboration with the customer.

STARTEX is present at international textile fairs, crossroads and meeting point between cultures and trends, prerogative for a successful result.


the Startex Team

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